Ralph [dead | 2014]

by dead

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released March 7, 2014



all rights reserved


Hickory Lane Records Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

We're a multi-genre record label/collective based in Philadelphia. Great tunes, unique perspectives and dedication to musicianship are among the hallmarks of our artists.

In addition to new releases we are proud to host an extensive backlog of records and projects past.

Hickory Lane was the original name of Philadelphia's Fairmount Avenue.

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Track Name: Satin
when I was younger
well I had a friend
I don't think i know his name
but I saw him every day
he was a linguist he spoke Japanese
he always would call my name
when I was tryina get some sleep

he had no name

went across my town to look for my friend
I heard he had run away
well he never could settle down
in all of my searching I met not one man who knew him
or who'd seen his face
but I knew that he was around

he had no name
Track Name: Buggywumps
sometimes I get to work alone
it's not as easy as you might think
I always said that I would wait it out
but this will likely stay the same
even if I fade away

it seems like every day's a waste
curse all that spawned all this malaise
I know one day you might have hell to pay
but in that kitchen you will stay
even if I fade away
Track Name: Pecan Pie
swimming in the river
tryina find a match
askin all the girls around
we don't wanna start a fire
there's really no desire round here for those kinds of games

thought I saw a creature
lurking in the woods
asking 'bout the garbage can
when I peeled back my eyes
I saw his disguise and realized he was just a machine

I don't like pecan pie

kickin down the hall baby
flappin my jaw
wonderin' what the sun will give
I got a thousand silver dollars
a dog without a collar
and this dude just asked me for change

pitch pipe panther
pickin' apart people
practically puttin' us down
like a demon born and bred
in a bread and butter house
where everyone's stuck
say "jam"

I don't like pecan pie
Track Name: Bortdy
one day your face will appear inside a great museum
filled with coat of arms
and a space to pay admission if you so choose

"I came from Arkansas to see this place"
"I flew all the way from Fiji just to get myself a taste"
despite all the obstacles that stand in their way
they'll come to say
that they were in the place
of grace and majesty
with pictures of your face

one group of men traveled hundreds of miles to see them
flew from Cozumel

if it's all just a getaway
and you haven't made plans to stay
and your baggage is light and small
so that you can explore it all
didn't anyone tell you why
all those things that you have to try
come with taglines and hefty fees
and no value that I can see?
Track Name: Bottom of the Ocean
I like swimming at the bottom of the ocean
I like being at the bottom of the sea
I like swimming at the bottom of the ocean
with all the fishes and you and me
Track Name: Mr. Glibbe
the kids are in the backseat and who's behind the wheel?
it's Mister Glibbe
he's taking them kids to checkers, gonna buy them kids a meal
get a load of him

Glibbe will do whatever you ask him to
even if it dampens his friendly mood
but if he misses his story on channel 10
then we won't ever see Glibbe's little girls again

He used to have a daughter but he held her underwater
do you think he learned?
Glibbe is always trying just to keep himself from lying
but he's not concerned
Track Name: Mountain
we've been living at the top of the mountain
wearing deerskin
talking and laughing
I drank the muddy water and let it dry on my skin
there was shelter
I was sheltered
banging rocks against the walls
like frightened children
eating bugs and cursing names

we've been living at the top of the mountain
doing nothing
not caring about it
bleeding on the walls
choking on spit
being nowhere
loving nothing
looking down
screaming off the cliff
Track Name: Baby on the Bus
I saw a baby on the bus
and he asked me if I was the one true god
I said "no", then he asked me to go
back to my seat with a wink and a nod
it caught me off guard, I was alarmed,
then he asked me if I knew what to do with the news
bus driver told me not to worry,
cause if it starts to flurry we'll be singing the blues

everybody took what they could
knowing that it's not what they should
paragraphs on broken laughs they would
can't remember mildew stains or if I paid the rent today

baby said he'd teach me all the kinds of learnings
as long as I pay my dues
$300, a tiny cup of water, and a pair of blue suede shoes
I said "Baby, what you take me for, a genie? Would you care to accompany me? We'll have a look inside my crystal ball."