Orange You Glad [Boo Baby | 2017]

by Boo Baby

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released January 21, 2017

Written and Recorded by Robert Salazar in his apt.*

*Track 1 drums recorded by Josh Friedberg
*Track 2, 4 drums recorded by Seth Engel
*"All Our Cats” Freaky Sample found on Bruno Raberg's RC-20 XL,
*"All Our Cats" Chorus Lyrics by Benedict Kupstas
*”Orange You Glad” bass is Kevin Tellie

Mixed and Mastered by R Andrew Humphrey*
*"All Our Cats" and “Rows of Roses” initial mixing by Charles Glanders
*"Blueberry Seed" originally produced by Charlie Spears in p3's basement

Cover Photo by Ryan Lowry (RyanLowry.Com)
Layout by Thomas Huston (ThomasHuston.Com)



all rights reserved



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Track Name: Coca Cola Season
Sing along soft.
Sing along tough.
Plant as I pluck
Dig like I've dug
Take Off the Collar
Be a Naked Dog
Remember this because memories often move.

I've flip-flopped from the Duck to the Goose
Painted a Clear Minded Bowl of Fruit
Do-Re-Mi..Don't Mind Me Living Loose

Trip to Mars
Riding on a space ship
Au-Revoir to Coca-Cola Season
Life on Earth is just a little longer for Boo

I've flip flopped from the duck to the goose
Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice
Do-Re-Mi...Don't Mind Me Living Loose

(whistles then flying away)
Track Name: Little Life
Keeping me at arm's length
Is that a good thing?
Maybe I've lost touch with touch
Maybe I'm so far gone
I'm keeping it to myself
Just for this once
Keep it In Stride
Keep it in Time
I'm making myself

a little life

A couple hours a little tequila
I keep to myself
A homebody keeping happiness, health,
and wealth well that's far away
Just get behind me satan
for just one more day
I am trying
Not trying to die
I'm wishing for a girlfriend
To keep me alive

a little life

The body knows
Cuts from lots of types of arrows
North, South, East, and West
I've been romeo and JUliet
Lady Macbeth
I've seen punch-drunk love
with a buzz on
I'm wishing that my thoughts
would act like they did once
My thoughts

a little life
Track Name: Blueberry Seeds
I keep my old Christmas Trees
In my attic making hundred acre woods
The sun's blinds are closed
My lights controlled
I'm always making shaky shadows

Me and that good, like a coffin maker and his wood
I love all the germs that are in our culture
Some little somethings like blueberry seeds

I know what's below old smokey
fine china, and a table made out of wood
the dog wants seconds
Have you ever noticed that meatballs are just little man-made moons

My favorite joke is that I only ever laugh at comedians:

Blueberry Seeds
Track Name: Lookie Loos
A Happy Man is a working man and working man is a godly man and a godly man is a heaven sent and that is where I’m going.
Throw my body in the forest put a drum set in my coffin
You know I pictured my funeral a lot as a kid
Jewelry swinging on the chain
There are people swinging my name
Everybody I love some lookie loos
Some people just looking for blues
Never think that I’m dead
Look for my proof in the pudding
Maybe somewhere I’m feeling bad but it won’t be long
Til I’m a…
Jingle Jangle Jewelry

(Drum set rattles ghostly inside a coffin)
Track Name: All Our Cats
Hey there little kitty did you catch that light?
I've been trying my whole life.

I wish that all our hands were petting all our cats.

Hey there Captain America are you swimming in the same pool as us?
I've been trying my whole life.

I wish that all our hands were petting all our cats.

You never know. It's true in the snow, it's true in the sun.
Track Name: Rows of Roses
Give me the Spirit to Listen
I'm hoping for good things to Happen
Floating along on a milkshake galaxy
I'm wishing for hope and getting nothing
Hoping you're believing me someday
Wishing that everyone hears our wishes

I'm wearing the right shoe sizes 10.5
I'm hoping for a good thing and I like that
All my old tricks are falling back
on themselves like the end of the end
That's where the ladder starts: with these words
I'm hoping for good things to come afterwards, I'm just thinking of something that I made up earlier.

Well,maybe it's recording and maybe it's not. I'm hoping for a good old guest spot, I'm wearing the right shoes Adidas

I read "The Empty Space" with my best friend, he yelled at me said I was acting childish, maybe I'll turn invisible for the springtime, maybe think of something else in the meanwhile...

Rows and Rows of Roses
Track Name: Friend Named Rob
I've Got a Friend Named Rob who sells hot tubs
everyday he wakes up, he's gotta sell those hot tubs
I know by 12 o clock, he's looking at his watch
He's working so hard, can't find another job
And he packs his lunch, and he takes the bus
He's on the route, but he's not making stops

By the way, Rob's made up, but he could be our sing-along messiah
I've been to Michigan, don't know why I said that
Half of this is written and about the other half
I'll just make it up
Annoying on purpose
I'm on the route and I'm not making stops.
Track Name: Sunshine Chocolate
My hair is combed and I am good to go
Standing at my post before the holy throne
And I feel the worst when I am church
I am far from immersed
Outside’s the world where life is oozing
Sunshine chocolate
Get up. When I get up in my get up
You know I donkey down
I sing at church and I rehearse my prayers
Living well
Springtime means sugar and birds at their feeders
I’ve been done with easter since junior year
Life is oozing
I wish I could close my eyes without organ music fading in
Track Name: Blueberry Seed
From my window
My lights controlled
I am always making shaky shadow
Me? I’m just a germ in our culture
Some little something like a blueberry seed

In a fire station there’s a Dalmatian
And the firemen play chess on his back
And the queen is next to the king
And the bishops rest on Rolling Stone stacks

Like a blueberry seed, a garage sale detail,
A drip in a cavern, a baby whale, my cut scabbing over,
A yellow pushpin, a mother’s collection, a jewel box constellation
Track Name: Orange You Glad
My heart is a shark, swimming with big teeth, big ocean to swim in
My heart is an apple, crispy and red, fits in your hand
My ideas, man
They’re so grubby together
They should shower together

I don’t know maybe the ice should stay water
Running Water

My soul is a piece of Anthracite Coal, pitch black like deep in a shaft
My body is a mannequin, begging for magic, poised and plastic
The magic is in my hands, the wet cement

I’m not Jesus but watch me perform miracles,
I take a lil bit of water and turn it into this guitar solo

My brain is a cactus, filled with secret water
My brain is an orange, only oranger
Orange you glad I am who I am?

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