Mobile Freedom Home [Roof Doctor | 2014]

by Roof Doctor

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released March 26, 2014

Produced and recorded by Kyle Pulley at The Headroom in Philadelphia, PA
Assisted by Mike Kriebel and Christian Terjeson
Mastered by Pat Loundas
Drum Tech: Mark Quilan
Album Art by Harry Winkler

Mark Harper - Vox/Guitar
Kevin Paschall - Vox/Drums
Alex Stackhouse - Lead Guitar
Chester Williams - Vox/Saxophone/Keyboard/Banjo
Sean Reilly - Vox/Bass

Guest Musicians
Luke Shefski - Cello on Bulldog
Michael Morrison - Trombone on Home
Kyle Chamberlin - Trumpet on Home
Abi Reimold - Vox on Bulldog, Bottle It Up, and Every 3 Months



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Hickory Lane was the original name of Philadelphia's Fairmount Avenue.

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Track Name: Mobile
if you're acting like a dog
you won't have anyone
you've been having too much fun
and now you are all alone

sitting tired
why's it so hard to wake up
lights hurt my head
hide behind my sunglasses again

looking for my pocket stuff
only need my wallet keys and phone
at the cliff on kelly drive
watching all the rowers going by

frightened children
do they know why my mouth is stained red
scabby bulldog
why are we sharing a knowing glance
do you want to play with me my friend

haven't even left my bed
thoughts of skipping work run through my head
almost four no time to wait
think I'll let a coin decide for me

can't trust myself
don't think that I'll ever want to change
don't need no pay
I'd just spend it on booze anyway
Track Name: When I Was Really Losing It
the thing that keeps me up at night is that I
feel like I have been a bad person
feel like I have failed all of my friends
and you'd be better off if I was dead
then there's the one I think about in bed
who I'm afraid that I idealize
and I can't tell if there is something there or if there's not
she controls far too many off my thoughts
my body is a broken alarm clock
when I fall to sleep the sound it makes wakes me up
it prevents me from getting close to all the people that I want
and when they leave they've got a pretty good reason
and when I wake up again it's because of the bad dreams
like my brother fucking my girlfriend or my mom dying
and when I stay up after that it's because I can't escape my fears
when the sun rises the pillows covered in tears
I fall asleep at ten am and I wake up at five
I fall asleep at ten pm and I wake up at five
normal people tend to sleep from one am to nine
I'm starting to think that I might need something prescribed
Track Name: Way Too Long
lately life is seeming like a blur
tired of wishing it was what it were
longing for a moment that is gone

there's a deer lying dead on the railroad track
frightened us so we thought about turning back
but we'll keep pissing until the morning comes

and outside of the city it's dark
so we'll go take a walk through the park
and climb a tree like when we were boys

I've been waiting for way too long
and thinking way too hard
and now I'm ready to restart

my schedule is still irregular
but now I sleep like I did before I met her
and three pm might as well be dawn

wrong to think that a cat was a bad idea
it's going to chase all the little mice out of here
and sit in the sun by the window

and I will ride my bike through the town
if I stop for a second I'll drown
in my sweat but the wind blows it off of my head
Track Name: Every Three Months
when I have money again
I'll no longer get wet in the rain
and my stomach won't be in pain anymore

and when I'm not broke anymore
I'll be able to go to the store
to buy food and clothes and comic books

yeah if I treat my body right
and if I go to sleep at night
maybe I wouldn't be so tired
I could try
I could do it if I try

star looking for a new place
shave that joke of a beard off your face
stop finding little ways to dick around

because it's such a slippery slope
from doing alright to losing all hope
and you've got to keep pushing yourself

because 2 PM is not the morning
and you'll get old without any warning
just put yourself in the things that you do
you could try
you could do it if you try
Track Name: Dad
why am I dead
I am so young

maybe you could have helped me
it was temporary
you end up just like barry
you end up just like dad

I'm 22
I've got nothing

when I'm going on forty
what will I show for it
will my life be so boring
will I be a broken man

will I function
like I'm supposed to

oh shit I spent next weeks paycheck
this year has been a train wreck
how could I be so stupid
how could I be so weak

my next boss will hear the same lie
I'm an honest hardworking guy
and I'll be damned if I don't try
the same stupid routine repeats
Track Name: Freedom
what am I going to do today
not think too much about the things that I say
try not to worry about anyone else
or old ideas on how to be

wake up and push myself out the door
I'm not going to live with these fears anymore
there's no good reason for hating myself
or feeling like I'm not worthy

things aren't going that bad anyway
but sometimes it bores me to work everyday
I wonder if there's a real reason why I
can't just set my self free

starting to feel like myself again
no more of waiting or wondering when
no more time wasted I'm up and awake
let's pick up all the trash in this place

too sad to leave but sad because I'm hear
scared of the people I want to be near
it doesn't make sense to keep living like this
there's too many good folks who I miss
Track Name: She Can't Jump
maybe there's nothing wrong
with not wanting to be alone
and this stubborn attitude
is nothing but a shallow front

are you safe or are you hiding
lonely nights turn into lonely mornings
it's hard but it's worth the work that you put in
it's simple when someone's needing you and you need them

I see people done up
I wonder why they can't just be themselves
I liked you better
when you left your makeup on the shelf

maybe I shouldn't be so jaded
but it's been a while since I've had an honest conversation
the kids have moved on and have somebody new
cheap impersonation of myself two years ago
I'm lost and I don't know who to talk to
Track Name: Bottle It Up
don't be scared
by the heart that beats right out of your chest
or the sweat that beads all over your body
when you're left with just the dark and the ceiling

life is long
and you've got to know that things will get better
there is hope no matter how bad it seems
you should never hide from what you are feeling

you can't bottle it up

you are loved
by the person that is standing beside you
by the family that will always be there
in pictures and in memories that never leave

move along
because nothing feels worse than stagnation
sitting by yourself in your room
being your own contradiction
Track Name: Home
I can't go home
where there's nothing left of the good things that I used to know
and it's a sad game trying to hold onto old flames
when friends are just fires that burn out more slowly

it's such a sham
just getting respect for being the person that I am
why should I care when the world is a hoax and my loved ones are ghosts
why even try if I'm just an impersonation of a lie

one more long ride
to the house where I grew up to give it one final goodbye
and she keeps screaming they're taking it away from me
these fires in chimneys and all of these dimly lit streets

well I can't go
and I don't know
where is my home