june [Roof Doctor | 2011]

by Roof Doctor

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i wrote almost all of these songs in june of 2011, which was a very strange month for me. these songs are about loss and other things, but mostly loss.


released July 20, 2011

music by mark harper
produced by fox mulder
album art by fox mulder and alyssa forgione



all rights reserved


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Track Name: thanks for the blankets
i don't know if you're just afraid of expectations
or if my emotions have made things too complicated
but what i do know is you made me feel at home
and now that i'm alone again i can't help but feel jaded

would it be wrong to say that i was lead on
when we shared a bed for a month were we just having fun
cause to me it seemed like we were together
though not technically and maybe that's for the better

am i allowed to feel like i'm a husk of a man
who cannot comprehend the thing that you have done to him
or if that's too sensational then
i guess I could pretend that nothing happened and we're just friends

it had a major impact on my self esteem
i'll play it cool and then i'll bury it down deep
my brain could use a little reprogramming
cause what you get is really not what you see
Track Name: dishwasher with a dishwasher
i try not to be a mopey guy
and i try not to be in front of my friends when i cry
but i'm finding when i keep all of my anger cooped inside
that trying isn't really worth the time

so i spend too much of that up in my room
i am alone i won't pick up my phone especially for you
because you piss me off more than all of the other people do
i know that nothing that you said to me was true

and now i'm glad that i am seeing someone new
i hate being on the backburner and not having a clue
and unlike with you my feelings will not cause her to resist
yeah she is a really great psychologist

i'm happy that i just started a job
eight hours washing dishes and my brain will just turn off
it lets me pass out and not confront any of my thoughts
i guess that means my sleep problem is solved

in the fall i am going back to school
you could say that in the past few years i have been to a few
and i think i might be going for something i'd like to do
but if that does not pan out i'll still be cool
but if that does not pan out i wont be cool
but if that does not pan out i'll still be cool
but if that does not pan out i wont be cool
Track Name: when i was really losing it
the thing that keeps me up at night is that i
feel like i have been a bad person
feel like i have failed all of my friends
and you'd be better off if i was dead

then there's the one i think about in bed
who i'm afraid that i idealize
and i can't tell if there is something there or if there's not
she consumes far too many of my thoughts

my body is a broken alarm clock
when i fall asleep the sound it makes wakes me up
it prevents me from getting close to all the people that i want
and when they leave they've got a pretty good reason

when i wake up again its because of the bad dreams
like my brother fucking my girlfriend or my mom dying
when i stay up after that its cause i can't escape my fears
when the sun rises the pillows covered in tears

i fall asleep at ten am and i wake up at five
i fall asleep at ten pm and i wake up at five
normal people tend to sleep from 1 am to 9
i'm starting to think that i might need something perscribed