Galaxy Concerns [Traffic Nightmare | 2014]

by Traffic Nightmare

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released February 1, 2014

Kevin-Guitar, Words

Written, Performed, Recorded, Mixed, and Lived by Traffic Nightmare
Album cover by Johnny Fundyga



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Glory's Crest
Your vanity precedes you like the calm before the cold
My fingers crushed down to a dust in garrish fever dreams, I’m told

The light from the computer screen is bright until the day
Sleep for entire seasons until that pain just rots away

No one believes in anything
And I believe in less
The kingdom is on high
And I’m on glory’s crest

The ghosts haunting your bedroom are full from drinking all your tears
Love, I can’t come see you cause the devil’s drawing near
Track Name: Other Brother
Other brother
I remember fighting in your backyard
Our fists were up but neither would draw blood

Other brother
It hurts me bad to think you might not be here
When we get old so I don’t think it at all

Isn’t it always this way?
We fade apart instantaneously
I’m calling you brother though I know you have your own
Though I know you have your own

Hit the water with a mighty splash
Smoked ‘em all and just laughed
Jumped every wave that the ocean could throw
You’ll be fast as time moves slow

Other brother
You disavowed the mysteries of your own disease
And kept on rolling in somebody’s light
The seasons change but the love remains
Track Name: Frantic Planet
Frantic planet, stop your spinning
You’re wearing down, you’ve lost your touch
Oh, your best days are behind you
Never even lost a coin toss

Frantic planet, you don’t need this
Your beauty is gone, we don’t deserve you
Oh, don’t cradle us any longer
Don’t let us walk all over you anymore

We set fire to your forests
Oiled up your oceans
Do yourself a favor and implode

Frantic planet, hold me closer
Your dying breath is a hurricane
Nuclear winter is coming, better button up your coat
This human race is almost run
Track Name: Kurt Cobain Action Figure
When I die, I will be reborn
But I don’t want to be human, no not again
I’m gonna shed this worn-out shell
Take this battered frame, I’m on the mend

I don’t want to do this again

I’d rather be a knock knock joke or a mountain top
A ladybug or a fresh fall crop
Wooden chair or a piece of chalk
A disco ball or some inane small talk

Kurt Cobain didn’t have a choice
Now, he’s an action figure with opposable limbs
He’ll do whatever you like, only 7.99
Now you can really own him

I don’t wanna do this again

I’d rather be a plain white shirt or a microphone
A dirty needle or the ocean’s foam
All the blood that flows through my veins
Won’t last very long
Maybe fifty years, and then I’ll be gone
But I’ll return as something new
As something new
Track Name: Oh, Handsome Me
I awoke in a terrified state
from a dream I guess it was a nightmare
I grabbed the nearest mirror
Clutched it in my hands and smiled
Oh, handsome me

Proportionate structures
Bones and skin immaculate
Adonis cried when he glimpsed my headshot
Mother Mary called me her favorite son
Oh, handsome me

Well they sketched me and they etched me
But they just couldn’t figure out
What kind of god would let a man like this
Live on such mortal ground?

Put me on your T-shirts
Let me in your cathedral
This face could make warring nations congenial

Put me in your love letters
Let me in your holy temple
This face could make you sweat at just the thought
Track Name: Vote of Confidence
I wrote to keep myself alive
I tried to hide all that was mine
But that’s an unhealthy thing

I found you on the circus stage
Back in the Neolithic age
You won’t let me forget

You gave me a vote of confidence
That I won’t soon forget
I don’t want to do this alone
Let’s see how far this thing gets

I’d like to be somewhere safer
Than the arms of my maker
The windows are too dirty to look outside

And now that you found me
The feast is laying at our feet
And now that you found me
The feast is laying at our feet
I’ll dig up the bones
And you will dress them up just like home
Track Name: Andre
Andre was slowing down
He felt the weight sag down on his bones
Terry’s supposed to win
But he doesn’t feel the pain anymore

All his life, he was a sideshow freak
Hands bigger than my face
Led down to the ring
Pretending all these ants could crush him back

But a job’s a job
No, please don’t run
Pick you up, throw you down
Repeat till the work is done

Andre spoke so low
Not like that’s what kept their attention
What’s a belt to a dying man?
Breathing low till those lungs collapsed
Track Name: Incantations
Thanks to whoever that we were born
At the same time, together
What if you were born in 1939?
I’d never know if you lived or died

Just come back to the shore
I’ll sing you melodies that you ain’t heard before
I’ve long since cursed this current
I knew what you meant when you said you’d only be a minute

What if I looked more like that night sky?
You’d make worthless wishes and curse me blind
You’d look at me now and then
And pray to me to never see the sun again
Track Name: Your Kind
Skyline of a dead end day
Can’t even take a penny to your grave
Colors in the lines of your face
I only want the things no one else can take (x2)

I know your kind
I know you’ve been trying not to find me
There’s mud on your neck
Getting clean in the creek
Your kind is not a fan of me

Standing straight and sleeping still
Dreaming of the day when you won’t have to kill
All the thoughts of the one-track minds
Who don’t know how to think and won’t ever try

Most days I am a playing card
King of spades, just not as smart
Scribbling with a fountain pen
Sprinting to reach hilarious conclusions
Catch some fireflies, but not the city kind
I’ll meet you where sound goes to die

I know your kind
I know you’ve been blind for a while
There’s love in your heart
But it’s not something you can keep
Your kind is not a fan of me
Track Name: Cruel Process
Hold my head to your chest
The best ones are the ones will soon forget
I’ve lost whole years to excessive rest
Gained ‘em back when you whistled my name

All the bands in this little room
Strumming G chords dedicated to you
I’m in the corner trying to gauge your mood
But you’re not the property of anyone